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Drug and Alcohol Residential Treatment

For many individuals grappling with drug or alcohol addiction, it can be challenging to find the serenity and privacy you need to focus on recovery. The stressors of everyday life, obligations and responsibilities, and other distractions may weigh on you and make it hard to commit to healing.

At Journey Hillside Tarzana, we understand entering treatment for drug and alcohol dependency is a tough decision. To ease the transition, we’ve created an intimate, private facility in the quiet hills of Los Angeles to provide clients with a comfortable place where they can receive the care they need to discover a life free from substance use.

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residential drug rehab


When Journey Hillside Tarzana was founded, we had the bold idea to offer highly customized programs that exceed industry standards for drug and alcohol treatment. We wholeheartedly believe that there is “no one size fits all” approach to recovery, and research is showing that individualized treatment is more effective than standard techniques. Due to this, we offer signature services that include flexible, personalized treatment plans tailored for each individual patient and designed for men and women from all walks of life. We understand that no two clients are affected by or respond to treatment in the same way, so our programs build upon proven methods and incorporate flexible timelines, cutting-edge therapies and specialized tracks to ensure every patient receives the care they need regardless of where they are in the recovery process.


For many clients, residential treatment begins with detox. Detox is the process of eliminating drugs or alcohol from the body and preparing patients for the next steps in the recovery process. Once admitted, clients will be thoroughly evaluated to assess their unique needs, review their substance use history and discuss treatment goals. Our limited admissions ensure that each patient receives the proper care and one-on-one attention they deserve, with individualized detox and treatment plans developed just for them.

residential alcohol rehab

Patients in detox are monitored 24 hours a day by a highly skilled medical staff. Our team is experienced in addiction medicine and well versed in industry-wide best practices of symptom management during withdrawal. Medications are used when appropriate to help alleviate some of the side effects of detox and make the process as comfortable as possible. We believe that a positive detox experience is crucial to successful treatment, setting the stage for a receptive attitude and improved outlook. Once a patient completes detox, they can be transitioned into residential care, where they will experience a unique blend of clinical and experiential therapies, cutting-edge programming and evidence-based methods designed to guide them toward lasting sobriety.


Highly trained staff experienced in addiction medicine

Our residential program admits six individuals at a time, offering an intimate experience that allows us to focus on each patient and provide deeply personalized care. When patients enter Journey Hillside Tarzana, they can opt to stay with us for a minimum of 30 days or for as long as 90 days. During this time, our goal is to help patients gain new insights and understanding into their substance use and develop new coping skills that will help them maintain long-term sobriety. We understand that this process can take time and that everyone heals differently, so our treatment timelines are flexible. We want clients to recover at a pace that makes sense for them and not feel rushed throughout the process. While they are here, patients will be treated by a multidisciplinary team of therapists, counselors, addiction medicine physicians, nursing staff and support staff to assist them in the realization of their treatment plan goals.

At Journey Hillside Tarzana, we acknowledge the contributions that the 12-step model has made to the recovery industry. Our services have expanded upon these contributions while incorporating innovative therapies and highly individualized treatment plans to ensure that each patient receives care truly unique to their particular life circumstances. With a highly trained staff experienced in addiction medicine, we strongly believe in utilizing evidence-based treatment methods.

Evidence-based treatment methods we strongly believe in utilizing:



Residential Treatment Los Angeles

Individualized treatment plans to ensure each patient receives care truly unique to their particular life circumstances.


Designed specifically for the patient

To meet the needs of clients who require a more in-depth, specialized treatment experience, we have developed specialty tracks that concentrate on specific areas of recovery. These programs are designed to provide the support and expertise necessary for comprehensive healing and long-term sobriety.

At Journey Hillside Tarzana, our specialty tracks expand upon and complement our regular programming to ensure a diverse and dynamic array of treatment options. These programs utilize specialized approaches personalized for each individual and are directed by a highly trained, dedicated staff. Our specialty programs include:


The Impaired Professionals program at Journey Hillside Tarzana provides advanced case management, intensive counseling services and a focus on the unique needs of licensed professionals affected by addiction. Our goal is to treat patients so they can achieve sustainable recovery and maintain their professional status. Throughout the recovery process, we maintain close contact with referring agencies, professional boards and state licensing authorities to ensure that all treatment requirements are satisfied and patients can return to their careers.


Journey Hillside Tarzana utilizes the proven methods of the 12-step approach to recovery as the foundation of our treatment program. The 12-Step Track provides patients with an intense focus that serves as a firm grounding on which to begin their healing. Participants will study the Big Book and 12×12 principles, attend fourth step workshops and become integrated into the broad 12-step community for support, guidance and encouragement.


The Holistic Track incorporates a blend of Eastern and Western methodology for individuals that prefer an alternative approach to recovery. Techniques include using yoga, meditation, mindfulness training and higher degrees of individual therapy to help patients heal in a way that makes sense to them.


We recognize that for some patients, medication-assisted treatment is an integral part of the recovery journey. Studies have shown greater outcomes and higher success rates in recovery when medications were used in conjunction with treatment services such as individual and group therapy. Due to the benefits of medication-assisted treatment, we actively support the use of medications throughout recovery and recognize its important role in addiction medicine.

Each patient will be thoroughly assessed at the beginning of detox and residential care to determine if medication-assisted treatment is appropriate, taking into consideration factors such as withdrawal symptoms, the severity of one’s substance use and the presence of any co-occurring or mental health disorders. Our nursing and physician staff work closely with patients to coordinate an individualized care plan that addresses their unique concerns and ensures optimal safety and comfort.


Support networks are critical to the success of sustainable, long-term recovery and also contribute to improving one’s mental, emotional and spiritual health. Studies show that individuals with outside support are less likely to relapse, become depressed and withdraw from social interactions. At Journey Hillside Tarzana, we recognize the important role one’s friends, family and peers can have throughout the recovery process.

An individual’s support system may deeply influence their ability, motivation and desire to achieve sobriety. Due to this, our programs encourage the involvement of friends and family to help ensure that they are supported by their loved ones as they spend their days engaged in clinical and experiential therapies customized just for them. We offer additional programs designed to help patients build their support network and prepare for their transition back to independent living, such as:

Additional programs designed to help patients build their support network and transition back to independent living



The intimacy of our facility also ensures that our clients become part of a close-knit, recovery-oriented community of like-minded individuals. Patients become surrounded by others who understand what they are going through and can offer guidance and support during difficult times. Knowing that they aren’t alone can empower patients to think critically and ask for help when they need it.


Journey Hillside Tarzana is nestled in the secluded, quiet hills of Los Angeles to give patients the serenity, peace and relaxation they need as they heal from addiction. Our exclusive facility offers both anonymity and comfort so patients can undergo treatment without the distractions, interruptions or stresses of everyday life. Clients enjoy private or semi-private rooms, pristine common areas, beautiful landscaping, fresh and nutritious meals from a private chef and more. Our private grounds also include a pool, Jacuzzi and lush, green grounds for a restorative atmosphere of relaxation and renewal.


We realize that each patient is unique. They are unique in their background, their history, their interests and their post-discharge goals. We strive to meet each client where they are in their recovery process and to help them fulfill a life of their dreams by removing their addiction from their lives and placing them onto a path of recovery. That path may be different for each patient. We will walk with you and help you determine what will work best for you, based on “who you are.” Fill out a form or call Journey Hillside Tarzana at 877-414-1024 to learn more about our residential treatment Los Angeles  and start your new life today.

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