trauma and alcoholism

Why Trauma Often Leads to Addiction

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Trauma and alcoholism often co-occur. Learn about the link between these two disorders. When you find yourself dealing with alcoholism, you might wonder how it even happened. What was the trigger for developing a drinking problem in the first…
long term use of ativan

Effects of Long-Term Use of Ativan

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There are risks involved with long-term use of Ativan. Learn about the risks of using this drug. If you struggle with anxiety or insomnia, chances are you have been prescribed Ativan as a short-term remedy. Ativan is a fast-acting sedative…
Coping with alcohol cravings

Coping With Alcohol Cravings

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Tips On How to Deal with Urges and Cravings to Drink If you are having trouble coping with alcohol cravings, there are some useful methods to learn about. “It’s like being lost in the desert for days and you are dying of thirst. You…
seizures and alcohol intoxication

Seizures and Alcohol Intoxication

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What Does An Alcoholic Seizure Look Like? The dangers of seizures and alcohol intoxication are very real. Learn about alcohol poisoning and the risk of seizures. When it comes to the health risks posed by substances of abuse, the dangers…
Crippling alcoholism

Getting Help for Crippling Alcoholism

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What Is Crippling Alcoholism? If you or a loved one suffer from a severe alcohol use disorder, it is crucial to get help for the crippling alcoholism as soon as possible. For half a century, alcoholism has been defined as a disease. As a…
Am I An Addict

Am I an Addict

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You might be noticing the signs of increased tolerance to a substance and are wondering, “Am I an addict?” You are lucky if you are picking up on the signs of addiction at an early stage. The earlier you admit there is a problem and seek…
need to stop drinking alcohol

Need to Stop Drinking Alcohol

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Excessive drinking can wreak havoc on your life. Learn 5 reasons why you need to stop drinking alcohol now. How many times have you kicked yourself after indulging in a night of heavy drinking?  You may feel so awful you question whether you…
Self Medicating With Alcohol

Self-Medicating with Alcohol

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Is Self Medicating a Form of Addiction? When you suffer from depression or anxiety and end up self-medicating with alcohol, it only makes things worse. For someone struggling with a mental health issue, alcohol can feel like a godsend. The…
Alcohol Withdrawal Seizures

What Causes Alcohol Withdrawal Seizures?

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Can Alcohol Withdrawal Cause Seizures? When someone takes that first brave step toward sobriety, it’s a cause for celebration. After all, each year more than 88,000 deaths are attributed to alcohol use disorder (AUD). There is a great risk,…